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5 Benefits of Using Granite Counter Tops

Granite is extremely hard. For decades of usage in your house, its tough surface will not scratch, chip, or crack. Even when it comes to manufacturing, steel-cutting cutters are required to cut through this stone and slice it off into slabs because of its strength.

However, because sharp knives and cleavers might harm the granite, you should always utilize a cutting board while dicing, chopping, and slicing meals. Granite countertops will last for decades if properly constructed.

Resistance to Stain

Granite countertops are stain resistant with a properly placed sealer, keeping your areas clean. Because granite is porous, it may be discolored by acidic solutions and acids. However, with a yearly application of a suitable sealer, your granite worktops will remain stain resistant. Remember that any liquid or food accidents should be cleaned up quickly with water and a mild detergent (such as a natural cleaner or a small amount of soap).

Brings Value to your Home

Investing in your kitchen is a definite method to raise the value of your house; a high-quality feature like granite may quickly upgrade your area. In addition, if your countertop is damaged and has to be repaired, this is achievable. Granite worktops in kitchens are typically sturdy and will not readily break, but accidents can happen! A specialist can conduct the repair and restore the countertops to their original condition.

Because each piece of granite is unique, no one else will have the same countertops as you. If you want a one-of-a-kind, natural surface in your kitchen, contact Indian Granite Exporter immediately!


There are several varieties of granite available, depending on which granite slab would be ideal for your granite kitchen countertops. The granite price varies from color to color, size, and thickness.

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You may associate granite with high prices, but installing granite countertops does not have to be prohibitively expensive. Furthermore, it is not just the price that you spend, but also the value for money that you obtain. Granite countertops may endure for many years, which means you might pay less every year than you would on other types of worktops. They’re a wonderful investment that’s well worth the money, with a variety of price points to choose from. You can locate something that matches your budget by experimenting with different colors and countertop sizes.

Heat , Dust & Moisture Resistance

“Is granite durable?” you may be thinking. This layer will not chip or scratch, and it is also resistant to heat, stains, and moisture.

Granite countertops are naturally resistant to heat. Because the crystal growth process of granite stone occurs at an exceedingly high temperature and solidifies at an incredibly slow rate. As a result, the granite surface acts as a form of heat insulation in the kitchen.

Because the polished granite countertop’s surface is not spongy, meaning that items will not absorb into it, your kitchen is less likely to be troubled by filth, germs, and other grime that is typically found on worktops and in kitchens. The smooth, sealed surface also makes it easy to wipe up stains from kitchen prep and spills.

Furthermore, granite is so strong that you can place hot pans on top without it warping. And if it can withstand the heat, moisture should be no problem. While we recommend cleaning up spills as soon as they occur, your granite will not be ruined or discolored as a result.


That concludes the key benefits of granite kitchen countertops.

Granite is an environmentally beneficial material. It also preserves its natural appearance. Consider the difference between a plain old rock and one that has been crushed and polished to keep a high gloss that emphasizes the material’s original design. The same basic idea applies to kitchen granite countertops, allowing for simple, marbled, or speckled designs. You can buy high quality granite at 

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