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Black Forest Granite: The Key to Elegance and Resistance

The world is no stranger to the beauty of granites – whether it’s off-white, red, green, grey, black forest granite or any other fascinating colours.

But have you ever mulled over the charm of black granites?

How would it look? How would it feel?

Nothing less than bold, and classy!!

Some may be taken aback and wondering, “Won’t black make my space look dark and eerie?”

Certainly, not!


Try imaging black contrasted with white, and the flamboyant duo-chromatic look it will gift your space.

Honestly, none can top the beauty, the simplicity, and the plain old goodness of black and white.

It’s chic, sleek, and majestic!


Now, the real question is, among so many varieties of black granite, which one is the best?

Black forest granite, beyond a doubt!

The appeal and the everlasting beauty of black granite can boost the aesthetic of any living space.

It is one of the most demanded granite all over the world!

So if you’re excited to know all about black forest granite and how it can transform your home and your space, this write-up is for you.

Here we’ve covered all the information that you must know about black granites.

Let’s start with the basics….


Description of Black Forest Granite 

Quarried in the Southern region of India, the black forest is a boldly patterned black-coloured granite punctuated by a blizzard of white-coloured streaks and flurries.

The dark patches with white vein patterns running all through the surface give the appearance of a forest- making it one of the best choices among granite lovers and interior decorators.

Black Forest Granite is characterized by high variance along with its durability and loads of unique features.

This lustre, magnificent stone is ideal for projects like countertops, stairs, flooring, walls, and

backsplash – boosting any interior or exterior space aesthetic.


Features of Black Forest Granite

  • Resistant to scratches and impact
  • Strong resistance to heat and cold.
  • Aesthetically
  • Resist harbouring bacteria and dirt.
  • Natural
  • Each piece is unique and different in terms of patterns and shades.
  • Available in an endless rainbow of colours and finishes.
  • Non-lethal.


What are the other names for black forest granite?

Scorpio black granite, forest black, Nero forest granite, lava Vecchia granite, silver Paradiso


What are the different finishes of black forest granite?

Black granites are available in a wide range of finishes including polished, honed, leathered, sandblasted, Cleopatra, bush-hammered, antique (sandblasted + brushed).

Is black granite the right choice for you?

Not many would be willing to choose black granite for their property, maybe because they have not seen anything as such before.

But if you can successfully blend black granite into your revamping and remodelling, you’ll be

surprised to witness the plush and the look it will bring in.

The colour black adds a sense of depth and accentuates other colours designs, adding personality and versatility to your space.

Eventually, choosing black granite for the home renovation is a matter of personal taste and preference.

But if want a unique look for your space, go for black forest granite from Indian Granite Exporter. You won’t regret your decision!


Uses of Black Forest Granite

Black Forest granite is very resilient and can be used on various industrial and domestic segments.

Some of the ways to use this exquisite stone

  • Countertops: Black forest granite countertops look great at home as well as in restaurants. The material is durable and has a long life span.
  • Flooring: The uniform colour of black granite makes it a good choice for flooring, both for homes and offices. You can either choose tiles or granite slabs.
  • Staircases: Black forest granite from Indian Granite Exporter is highly durable, making it the best choice for making staircases and it’ll complement the surroundings.
  • Fireplaces: Build a beautiful, durable fireplace with the stunning beauty of black granite.



Black granite is an excellent stone for any interior decoration. Its timeless aesthetic will catch everyone’s attention and your neighbours and friends will be hooked on the look.

Contact us for your quotation for the best black granites.

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