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Colonial White Granite: The Timeless Stone

Are you in search of white natural stone such as Colonial White Granite to build a space of chicness and opulence without sacrificing durability?

If so, then you’ve been guided to the right place!

Among an array of white granites, the most sought-after white granite in the UAE market is – Colonial white granite.

Can you blame us? No one (literally!) can overlook the beauty of such timeless statement pieces.

The tranquillizing off-white background accented by jet black flakes creates a vibe of serenity and softness with an illusion of light.

Whether you want a fresh and modern look or want to keep it classy and elegant, white granite will give you all!

It sparks personality in any space, making it come more alive and illuminated. No doubt it’s the ideal stone for revamping in-house aesthetics and renovating commercial and domestic interiors. If you’re on the same page and desire to know more about this mesmerizing stone, then keep reading. If you want to buy the best Colonial white, don’t miss to check out Indian Granite Exporter. They are leading the granite market by storm, offering its customers the most competitive price.

Is this granite the right fit for you?

If you’ve already on this section, you’re no new to the beauty of colonial white granite countertops. Each piece is a unique piece of art and works wonders with various colour combinations.

It is perfect for imbuing character and glamour to your kitchen, creating an illusion of light and space.

Moreover, colonial white granite slabs are heat and stain-resistant and are extremely easy to take care of.

To conclude, it bestows your living space with the poshness and aesthetic you desire, lasting for years to come- giving you the best of both worlds.

So, indeed it’s the right fit!

What gives colonial white granite such a unique colour?

Granites are available in a rainbow of colours, including white, black, red, brown, green, and blue. The colour of igneous rock is primarily determined by its mineral composition.

Before all, you must know that there is no such thing as pure white granite in all of nature. The colour is generally cloudy or creamy white accented by speckles and flakes.

In the case of colonial white granite, it is made of either quartz: a nubilous white material, or feldspar: a white milky material. The variations and the specks on the body are called amphiboles.

Thus the unique composition of this white stone is from the mixture of various materials added with hints of coloured minerals.

 What are the best colour features that work great with white granite?

The beautiful creamy-coloured with dark rose and grey flakes complements almost all colour accents.

If you’re still not sure, check the below points to get an idea of whether or not colonial white granite kitchens are your calling,

  • If you’ve dark or light cabinets, you can complement them with white granite and create a mesmerizing space in your kitchen.
  • If you’ve white kitchen cabinets, adding white granite with white cabinets will soften the overall appearance imparting a warm, and welcoming vibe to the space.
  • If you’ve wood cabinets, pairing it with colonial white granite will brighten your space vibing a larger and traditional feel to the kitchen.
  • To get the best backsplash for colonial white granite, pastel tones work the best.

What are the other white granites available in the market?

The colour white is timeless. In UAE, you’ll get various other varieties of white granite.

Here are a few of them:

  • Alaska White
  • Alps White
  • Andino White
  • New River White
  • Moon White
  • Mystic Spring
  • Salinas White
  • White Ice
  • White Valley
  • White Ornamental
  • White Spring.

How to maintain the opulence of white granite?

Many think keeping white granite pristine is impractical and a pain.

But the fact is, every beautiful thing needs care and maintenance to thrive and colonial white granite is no exception.

It’s an investment hence you must protect it.

To know more about colonial white granite price in India, check Indian granite exporter for more information.

Here are a few up-the-sleeve tips that will help you maintain the opulence of colonial white granite.

  1. Avoid cleaning granite countertops with products that include acids or abrasives.
  2.  Avoid placing any hot objects directly on your countertop. It may cause discolouration and/or cracking.
  3. Avoid standing, kneeling, or sitting on granite stone countertops. It could crack!
  4. Use hot, clean water with a paper towel to clean your stone.
  5. Wipe spills immediately and never let any liquid sit overnight on your granite.
  6. If you’re using a sealer, make sure the lifespan is of 10-15 years with an oleophobic nature.

Final Thoughts

The whole world is going gaga over the elegance and style of colonial white granite. They are the best choice!

Don’t forget to check out Indian Granite Exporter to get your hands on the best quality granite.

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