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Everything You Must Know About Viscon White Granite

Viscon white granite: The global popularity of white granite is no secret! Its appearance and aesthetic can literally turn hears and make people go “wow”!

The beauty, the elegance, and the softness of this beautiful marble make it every designer’s dream.

It comes in a variety of shades, patterns, and finishes.

Among white granites, Viscon White Granite is the most popular choice among contemporary homeowners- thanks to its eye-soothing looks and stellar quality.

The mixture of white, black, and grey tones can transform any space and create a stunning finish, offering a naturally stylish feel.

If you’re in search of more information on Viscon White Granite, we’ve drilled down the details to help you get a better idea of this most desirable white granite.

What is Viscon White Granite?

In simple terms, Viscon White Granite is an igneous platonic rock, quarried from Madanapalle, South India.

Owing to its refined, elegant, and clean-lined look, it is considered one of the most popular stones for designing trendy bathrooms and kitchen countertops.

This majestic natural stone has its own set of peculiarities and benefits making it “imperfectly perfect” that complement almost all colours.

Features of Viscon White Granite

  • Polished and Glossy surface.
  • Enhanced Heat Resistance.
  • Scratch Resistance.
  • Versatile Utilization.
  • Ideal for Decoration and Flooring.
  • Refined and Sophisticated.
  • Low Water Absorption.

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What is the price per square foot?

The price of granite per square foot in the UAE depends on a variety of factors including the granite fabrication, the project details, and more.

However, to give you an approximate idea, the price per square foot varies between 2.47 AED – 24.73 AED.

Does Viscon White Granite differ from slab to slab?

Yes, it does vary from slab to slab. Why? Because this Granite is available in both dark and light shade with patterns (which are generally swirly) and it varies depending on the mineralogy and chemistry of the particular stone.

What are the alluring benefits of Viscon White Granite?

No doubt it makes magnificent countertops and floorings, but there are other advantages too! Here we’ve mentioned a few of them:


  • Beauty on fleek: The real beauty and elegance of this stone lie in its “not-so-perfect” speckles and the variations — adding character and warmth to the entire outlook. It can brighten up any space and impart a charming, luxurious look.


  • Amazing compatibility: White is a universal colour that complements most aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for a sheer contrast (like white and black) or a subtle flow, viscon white granite is available in a vast parade of shades-giving you the freedom to coordinate with almost all colours of cabinets, flooring, and furniture.


  • Spacious and bright atmosphere: We can’t always fulfil our dream of having a big spacious kitchen, but with Viscon White Granite, you certainly can create an illusion. White Granite is the ideal colour that can make any small space feel open and airy –setting a bright, fresh, welcoming look.

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  • Sturdiness and resistance to wear: Kitchen countertop is a place where we do all the cutting, grinding, scraping, and more. Therefore the surface must be strong and durable. Viscon white granite quarry gives you the perfect surface that’s strong, durable, stain-resistant, and can conceal blemishes and imperfections like a pro.

What are other White Granite Options?

When discussing White Granite stone, there is a great variety of other options to know about. Here we’ve mentioned a few of the most common and most popular white granite varieties.

  • White River: Another magnificent variety of white granite with fluid patterns and delicate flecks.
  • Kashmir White: This beautiful and distinctive white granite with a salt and pepper appearance is stunningly beautiful and distinctive.
  • Alaska White: This variety gives a sophisticated and extraordinary look with a combination of greys and browns.
  • Bianco Romano: For a classic look, this White Granite works the best with warm and beige colours.

Final Thoughts

Versatile, beautiful, classy, strong, low-maintenance- are the various ways to define Viscon White Granite. Remember, when it comes to white granites, the better the quality, the higher the prices—and it certainly worth it.

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