Black Granite

Indian Black Granite : The Black Beauty For Modern Look And Feel

Indian Black Granite slabs are one of the most often purchased natural stones by property owners all over the world. Indian Black granite, with its natural black beauty and elegance, is at the forefront of the trend. Granite is recognised for its unmatched strength, durability, and appearance in the world of natural stones.

Why Choose Indian Black Granite?

The aesthetics generated by adding black granite into your home décor or exteriors stand out like a sore thumb. Although the range of patterns and swirls of black and white on this granite is not as extensive as other natural stones, it tends to make a modern, distinctive, and luxury design statement.

A large number of homeowners use fancy black granite in their kitchens and bathrooms to create a striking look. Even if you’re merely remodelling your kitchen, black granite may give it a unique flair. Another good reason to select granite for a makeover is that it goes well with any colour or texture of design components such as flooring, cabinets, and sink. Black is the most versatile colour, blending well with a wide range of other hues. The black colour complements the other colours in your kitchen or bathroom decor. However, when paired with white or lighter islands and cabinets, the black granite creates a stunning visual contrast.

When choosing granite slabs or tiles, the look it offers to any commercial or residential space is very consistent in color and texture. According to the recommendations of natural stone experts, black granite can be used in countless applications, including interior and exterior, depending on individual interests.

Incorporating granite into a sunlit space, its glossy surface reflects luster and exudes a sense of luxury. Stone is a universal choice for creating countertops, flooring, exterior cladding and attractive architectural features.

Indian Black Granite For All Kinds Of Design And Space

The properties of black granite are the same or even better (in some cases) compared to other granite variants. This stone is water and heat resistant and requires very little maintenance. It can be easily sanitized by simply cleaning it with soap and water. So, regardless of the design chosen, the stone stands the test of time, even in freezing temperatures.

Let’s take a look at some applications where black granite can be a good choice.

Kitchen counter:  For a durable, sturdy countertop that stays that way for years, black stone is a smart choice. The glossy black table shines like a mirror and highlights everything around it. Black granite is a good match for wooden furniture or light-colored design elements. Another great design idea is to match the stone with a kitchen surrounded by stainless steel elements. It gives a sophisticated look with the combination of steel gray and black.

Bathrooms: Black granite is the best choice for bathrooms. Stone proves to be the perfect choice for a bathroom as it adds dimension and a unique level of sophistication. Stone provides resistance to water, heat and humid environments.

Table tops / Bar tops: Stone is an excellent choice for customizing table tops and bar tops. This stone is heat and scratch resistant, so black granite slabs are used as the top of the laundry table.

Floors: Black floors add depth and intensity to any space. The granite tiles or slabs used for the flooring enrich the aesthetic, giving the space a classic look. Natural stone experts recommend installing black granite floor tiles in rooms with large windows and sufficient sunlight.

Accent Wall: Without too much effort, just installing black stone on an accent wall is enough to give a wow vibe to even the simplest home decor. Granite can be used on an accent wall in the bathroom, behind the shower or bathtub. It also serves as a classic backdrop for a living room or kitchen wall.

Wall Cladding: Exterior coating Indian Black granite is an innovative choice for wall cladding as it displays its striking beauty in the sun. Moreover, it is a better choice than other stones as it is resistant to sunlight, dust and water without any deterioration in quality and appearance.

For countertops, stone is always the basic choice, but by breaking the mold, it can be laid in many different ways.

The Quality And Variety At Indian Granite Exporter (Govindam Stonex-Manufacturer/Trader)

Indian Granite Exporter(Govindam Stonex-Manufacturer/Trader), an India granite supplier, is an expert in extracting premium varieties of black granite. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the natural stone world, we are known as a world class granite exporter.

We offer a wide range of black granite in rectangular and square shaped slabs that can comfortably fit any space according to individual interests. There are several types of black stone available all over the world. But we offer the three most desirable options of all.

Absolute Black Granite slabs, also known as Jet Black, originate from India. Absolute black granite reflects a deep black background that offers upscale elegance and fashion.

Black Galaxy Granite as the name suggests, this stone naturally mimics the Galaxy in the sky shimmering silver and gold stars. The application of Black Galaxy Granite remains as unrivaled as the “glossy black dress”.

Indian Black Pearl Granite features a black background filled with a metallic silver flake pattern. This stone is very durable and prevents food and drink from staining. Black Pearl Granite is commonly found in mines in South India.

Black Forest Granite : Indian Black Forest Galaxy Granite is known for it’s everlasting beauty and luster and is quarried in Southern Region Of India.

All three versions of black granite are suitable for countertops, bathrooms, exterior siding, furniture, accent walls and more.


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