Granite vs Marble | Difference between marble and Granite

Marble and granite are both naturally occurring stones that are extracted from the earth. However, there is a difference between these two. Granite is rough in appearance, whereas marble generally contains veins.

Natural stone may be divided into two major groups based on its composition: Minerals and other substances related to quartz (silica) make up the majority of siliceous rock.

Cleaning may be both difficult and relaxing at the same time. These types of stones include granite, slate, and sandstone. Calcium carbonate predominates in the composition of limestone. It is acid-sensitive, so avoid using washing products and foods like vinegar, wine, citrus fruits, and tomatoes on it.

It necessitates a different approach to cleaning than does siliceous stone. Marble, travertine, limestone, and onyx are a few examples of these sorts of rocks. 

So, what do you think is the best option granite the right fit for you?

 You must be asking yourself these questions. It all boils down to your aesthetic preferences and your willingness to maintain it. Both are derived from the earth’s natural resources, yet their characteristics are vastly different.

The absorbency of granite vs. marble is the most notable distinction. Granite is firmer and more brittle, whereas marble is softer and more malleable. Granite is the hardest natural stone because of its crystalline structure, which makes it more stain, abrasion, and color resistant.It is perfect for imbuing character and glamour to your kitchen, creating an illusion of light and space.

Final Thoughts

The whole world is going gaga over the elegance and style of granite and marble.

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