Granite Manufacturers and Exporters In India

Granite Manufacturers and Exporters In India

India is well-known for the natural stones it supplies to the rest of the world. Different Indian states have quarries for various natural stones. Natural stone quality differs from one state to the next.

Granite is an important building material that not only looks good but also has a meaningful purpose in the environment.  Granite is widely used in buildings, bridges, monuments, and other exterior surfaces.

Why we are the best Granite Manufacturer in India?

Over the last 12 years, the Indian Granite Exporter, aka Govindam Stonex, has been a leading manufacturer of export quality Absolute Black granite, providing our global customers with granite of various thicknesses, monuments, and cut to size.

The Indian Granite Exporter is located in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, India’s southernmost state, which is the stone industry’s hub. With a large manufacturing capacity, liner polish, and cutting-edge technology for granite processing, the Italian Processing Unit is unquestioned. Because of our experienced and expert masons and engineers, we can create the highest quality granite in India.

Our Granite Manufacturing unit is as follows

Govindam Stonex

#1264, Achettipally Village,

Kelamangalam Road Hosur,

Tamil Nadu 635109 India

Contact: +91 889 208 2391, +91 916 468 4891


Govindam Exports

SY NO. 483, Hallekota, Pathakota Village,

Rayakotta Rd, Hosur

Tamil Nadu, India – 635119

Contact: +91 889 208 2391, +91 916 468 4891


Indian Granite Exporter

We all want everything to be perfect when it comes to selecting the finest granite manufacturers to create our ideal place, whether it is a home or an office. Everything, from the colour of the walls to the furnishings, is precisely chosen to make the area appear seamless.

Indian Granite Exporter (Govindam Stonex) commits to strict quality standards throughout the production and finishing operations, beginning with raw material procurement and ending with product finishing. We are certain that our products will grace home and business settings with subtlety, exceptional quality, and beauty.

Even Though we are situated in Hosur, Tamil Nadu as an Absolute Black Granite Manufacturer, our excellent goods are offered and admired all over the country and the world.

Our Products

We are the top processor and premium-quality granite manufacturer and Granite exporters in India, having been founded in 2011.

The Granite Division of the corporation is based in South India (Hosur, Tamil Nadu). The region is well-known for its rich supply of metamorphosed granite. In keeping with its dedication to quality, the firm has acquired from Italy the most modern and environmentally friendly granite processing technology.

We have a total installed capacity of 1,000,000 square meters Per Anum, Where our units have the following

  • 3 Single cutters
  • 2 Multi cutters
  • One automatic liner polisher
  • One auto polisher
  • 7 hand polishers
  • Bridge cutting
  • Jib crane
  • Two overhead Gantry Crane
  • Eot.

As a granite manufacturer and supplier, our team of specialists prioritizes client relationships, ensuring that there are no delays and that concerns are handled as soon as possible.

While we are a leading Absolute Black Granite manufacturer in India at Hosur, we also excel at exporting different colors of granite. By offering the unique quality of granite and stones, we have made a significant impact on the globe. We appropriately meet the demand for magnificent granite and stones to build incomparable structures in space.

We Deal In Various Products

Some of our key products are as follows

Our objectives are the driving forces of our growth and success. Hence, Indian Granite Exporter stands for….

  • Products with unmatched quality
  • Excellent services with timely delivery
  • Competitive Prices
  • Safety for community and environment
  • Employment for community
  • Innovation based work process


Our Vision

Right from the start, our journey has been incredible. We have consistently met and exceeded high quality, finishing, and service requirements. We are quite proud of all of our major records in the granite industry. We are on our way to becoming the current granite pioneers.

We’ve progressed and adopted completely automated and computerized stone processing technologies. We have the best quarries and granite processing equipment in the country, all of which are outfitted with cutting-edge technology, allowing us to produce the finest granites on the market.

In addition to providing outstanding quality surfaces, exceptional workmanship, and low costs, our key to success is our flexibility, innovative technology, and close personal relationships with our clients, which separates us from the competition.

Indian granite exporters implement severe quality control measures to ensure 100% customer satisfaction in our efforts to better serve our clients. We guarantee to provide you with the best results possible for what you want.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make every home and business project in India & all over the globe more beautiful. We want to redefine lifestyles by bringing you the world’s most magnificent natural stones.

Every slab of granite is unique, and our commitment is no exception. We have every type of granite design you’ve ever seen or imagined, from wavy patterns to flowery ditsy themes to lovely solid hues. There are several finishes and polishes available for your home and workplace.

With strong philanthropic values and a vision, we constantly look forward to the newest trends in the industry. Our team monitors the market trends and demands to fulfill the need for the required varieties of stones.

What Our Client Says

With active clients in 15+ countries, reported across multiple continents, We send granite all around the world at the best possible price.

We are privileged to supply our products to some of the finest projects like Namma Metro, Dubai Expo, and Hyundai Headquarters Gurgaon.

Our first and foremost concern is quality and timely delivery, which our customers praise all the time.

Quality indicates that a product or service is completely free of defects and is suitable for use. For top-quality stones, stringent quality tests and granite inspections are required at all phases of the product’s lifecycle. It would be helpful if you could provide some information on the stone factory where the stone is processed.

We are also privileged that we worked with some of the industry’s biggest names and would love to work with you now.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Even though many Indian colours are imported from various countries, but 

  • Absolute Black Granite
  • Colonial White Granite
  • Viscon White Granite
  • Tan Brown Granite
  • Colonial Gold Granite
  • Paradiso Granite

Are most imported granites

India is the hub of Granite, we may find many biggest names in the industry but Govindam Stonex and Govindam Exports are known for being the largest producers of absolute black granite in all sizes and thicknesses.

  • Govindam Stonex
  • Govindam Exports
  • RK marbles
  • Hari Sharnam Granites
  • KM Stones

Black, White & Paradiso.

Indian Granite Exporter can produce granite in monuments size, thickness and cut to size.

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